Miss Barsham's Painting Book for Bewildered Beginners

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Miss Barsham's Painting Book is available on CD. It is based on notes, lesson-plans and hand-outs produced over a period of several years for Adult Education painting and drawing classes in Hobart, Tasmania. The procedures described are by no means the only way to work, but they will give you a systematic introduction to painting.

The chapters are divided into three sections. The first part is designed as a teach-yourself course of painting exercises, and gives you the necessary instructions to make a start in painting and drawing. The second part elaborates on the first. The third part is a selection of general information. Finally, I have provided a list of useful organisations, with their email links. There are also PDF versions of the important information, including diagrams and some of the illustrations.

If this were the real book rather than a little sample on my website, you could work your way through the chapters in numerical order as each exercise follows the last in a logical sequence and find plenty of cross-references and links between different pages, with lots of cute illustrations and useful painting tips.

There are as many different ways to go about creating a painting as there are artists, but no matter which medium you want to use, from charcoal to a computer, you will find many of the same principles apply. It is up to you to develop your own style and explore different ways of using your chosen medium. And don't be afraid to make a mess. Mess is good. Mess is how you learn. Worrying about making a mess will stop you making exciting discoveries about yourself, your medium and your creativity. The more mess you make the better. Just look at me!

Follow the little bird to a list of contents, and have a look at the index and a few sample pages. If you want to find out what is at the end of all those tantalising links, the CD is available from Miss Barsham - email address eliza@ followed by tasmanian-gothic.com.

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