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Book cover front - Jones; © Elizabeth Barsham

My father, Paul Jones, published this book in 2007 after many years of painstaking research

From the Introduction to the book:

"Inquiries from people both here and on the mainland made it clear that many descendants of Jones families were having difficulty in tracing their ancestry. In the early 1800's there were several separate Jones families in the district surrounding the Jericho area and many similar Christian names.

"I have been trying to identify each of the families and while the job is by no means complete, time is running out and it seems wise to put my information into some legible form. The following notes are the outcome and although there will be some mistakes, I hope they will be of some help to future generations, who try to trace their origins.

The notes are divided into four parts:

  •  The first part contains notes concerning the family who settled at Sideling Hills.
  •  The second part refers to the family who settled at Pleasant Place.
  •  The third part contains notes concerning the history of the setting up of the colonies in Australia. They were collected to satisfy some of my personal questions, but seemed of sufficient general interest to justify their inclusion.
  •  The fourth part contains a collection of short notes, some of which have not been followed up. They are mainly to do with the early movements of Benjamin Jones and his family. Some are based on family legends, but seem to be worthy of more consideration and have been included for this reason."

In response to demand, this book has been reprinted, with some minor amendments (i.e. I fixed the typos). Copies are available at the History Room in Oatlands. Or you can order through Paypal or contact me directly.

Mail order: Price $25.00 plus $5.00 postage and handling to anywhere within Tasmania.


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