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Rule number One - Have fun!

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Have you ever said "I'd love to be able to paint but I haven't got an artistic bone in my body"?
Did your kindergarten teacher say you were hopeless at art?

You're both wrong.

Do you play golf or tennis or some other sport? You probably had some professional coaching then spent hours practising until you got the hang of things. You might not be Tiger Woods or Venus Williams, but you are only playing for your own enjoyment, and look forward to your weekly game.
Have you ever learnt to play a musical instrument or speak a foreign language? You wouldn't expect to play the piano like a professional or speak fluent Italian after three lessons - so why assume you should be able to draw or paint without expert instruction and hours of practice?

All you need is the desire to draw or paint; you don't have to have some supernatural, god-given talent; you don't have to compete with anybody else.

Art is my life; it is what I do. Almost as important to me is passing on the knowledge I have accumulated over a lifetime of painting.

For more than fifteen years I taught adult students to draw and paint with Adult Education and the Nolan Art Gallery and School in Hobart.

I now offer occasional courses with art groups and private tuition in the student's own home.

The success of these classes has proved to me that after surprisingly few lessons and plenty of practice, anybody can learn to paint well enough to enjoy an absorbing pastime. Whether or not you decide to pursue painting when the course ends, you will have gained a deeper appreciation of what art is all about.


The artist comes to you

Private tuition in the materials of your choice, at a time to suit you - and no need to commit to a set number of classes.

  • develop your creativity with a course of lessons tailored to suit your individual needs
  • friendly expert advice for individuals or groups
  • two hour sessions, all day workshops or something in between
  • Invite friends round, spend an afternoon drawing in the fresh air or watching an oil painting demonstration, then party on afterwards
  • take a guided tour of current art exhibitions in the Hobart area

Contact Elizabeth Barsham (email at bottom of this page) for more information.

About your tutor

I was born in Tasmania, grew up in Hobart, studied art in Melbourne under Wesley Penberthy and Ming Mackay and have had paintings hung in the Blake Prize, City of Hobart Art Award Exhibition, Glover Prize and other major exhibitions. My paintings have won many awards and have been acquired by Monash University and by private collectors Australia wide, as well as in Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Germany and Japan. I exhibit regularly and my paintings can frequently be seen in mixed exhibitions in Hobart. You can also see recent art on my website: www.tasmanian-gothic.com
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Materials for Courses

If you are starting out and are not sure what you should buy, here is a list of the basic materials required to get started in various different mediums.

It is strongly recommended that you read this before purchasing materials.

There is a great array of art materials available and as in all things, you get what you pay for. Do not buy pastels, paint or brushes from the large chain stores. The materials they stock are generally not suitable for serious painters and should be avoided. Trying to use them will only lead to frustration and disappointment. Go to a reputable art supplier and purchase the best materials you can afford, but donít be put off art because of the cost of paints. You donít have to buy everything at once, and some suppliers have a stock of excellent, inexpensive materials.

Artists' Suppliers - this link will give you a list of shops in the Hobart area where you can buy materials. If you tell them what class you are doing, most of them will know what to advise you to buy.

If you have any other questions about these lessons, or the materials you will need, you can
email me at info@ followed by tasmanian-gothic.com